A bill for a carbon tax in Australia has been passed recently in its House of Representatives. This will make greenhouse gas-emitting companies pay for every tonne of carbon dioxide that they produce. This is a major aspect of the government’s effort in fighting against climate change.

But before it was passed, the bill was quite controversial. Those who oppose say that the levy will cause many people to lose their jobs and the cost of living to increase. In fact, it was debated upon for quite some time and was passed only narrowly in the lower house.

However, the Australian government believes that it just has to have this kind of tax. The country is a notorious contributor of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere as it largely depends on coal for both power supply and business.

What will be taxed is the percentage of carbon content in the burning of fossil fuels. These include coal, natural gas and petroleum products. People who support the tax urge everyone to see it as the cost you need to pay for the damage that you do due to the use of fossil fuel.

With the carbon tax, the plan of the Australian government is to reduce the country’s emission of carbon by 133 million tonnes when the year 2020 comes. But, to be able to achieve this, the government also has to successfully perform its programs made to complement this tax scheme. Its Carbon Farming Initiative, the National Energy Savings Initiative for energy efficiency, and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation are just three of the many programs made to work together with recently passed tax.

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