No one enjoys filing their taxes, and filing late is particularly difficult. You might think it would be wise to carefully read over the 2006 federal individual income tax return instructions to make sure you don’t mis a single detail, but there are some great reasons to skip that process entirely.

  1. You don’t want to make mistakes: sure, taxes are important. And nobody’s perfect. But the average accountant – or the average tax preparation software – is probably less likely to make an error that leads to tax trouble later on. You could follow the 2006 federal individual income tax instructions to the letter and still transpose a pair of digits leading to a double-digit percentage increase in your taxes owed.
  2. Your time is worth more than that! You might spend three times as long reading the 2006 federal individual income tax return instructions as the average accountant, but would you necessarily understand them better? Why waste your time when you can spend it better and let someone else handle the hard part?
  3. The risks (and rewards) are huge. It’s fun to joke about government incompetence or bureaucratic sloth, but there’s nothing quite so determined as a government agency that knows you owe it money. You might have followed every last instruction on your 2006 federal individual income tax return, but one small mistake and they’ll be merciless.

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